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I took these photos on an event 3 days ago and did some quick edits. Have some Ayato and Ayano :3

P.S: the tractor is ruining the image ;w;

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can be screenprinted

ok so Shimizu-senpai has a crush on me. Cool

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Photo 7 Apr a friend of mine. We were trying Lolita style and seriously this suits her *A* She’s cute rite? Maji loli~~~

a friend of mine. We were trying Lolita style and seriously this suits her *A* She’s cute rite? Maji loli~~~

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A 2 year old photos that I took and edited. Mostly KiKuro though ^_^

There was the AoKuro one but… I decided not to post it here 8’D


Text 28 Mar Haikyuu!! Countdown

9 days to Haikyuu!! premier!!

I would like some help from you to pick some genre/themes for drabbles that I’ll write here to countdown. 8 of them because I start writing tomorrow /slap thanks for your help! I’ll put it here~









oh also you can request how would it be I’ll try to meet your expectations ;w;

thank you~

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dat awkward moment when you visited your friend’s house and forgot to bring two things home:

1. Your laptop charger

2. A sketch of KuroShin in a compromising position entitled Maternity Spiral

dude. I’m dead.

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YAAAAAAY Kozakura Mary XX (Outer Science ver.) on the last con XDDD I somehow manage to be a little bit yandere-ish but dunno >.>

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Now that the airing date of the Mekaku City Actors has been officially confirmed (April 12th at midnight), it means we can plan a countdown~ Rather than having a day for each song (there are too many and some are way more popular than others unfortunately), we’ll do it by…

Text 12 Mar 4 notes Life-Prolonging Treatment -An Enmei Chiryou fanfiction-

E-kun wasn’t a perfect person.

Moreover, his body was now rotting away with the sickness he has.

But, E-kun didn’t want to give up yet. He did anything he could to meet that person. To fulfill his promise to the one that he hold dear.

Anything, even turning half of his body into gears and machines.

E-kun could stay alive like that. But, it wasn’t for permanent. This only prolonged his lifespan. Not curing the abnormality in his body. Not that it can be healed.

He walked along the path to the place where they would meet as always, before. His fingers tracing along the bricks and fences. Triggering every memories he had on that certain place. He felt his lone, human eye starts to get wet.

What if that person doesn’t want to meet him like this?

What if that person doesn’t even acknowledge him like this? What if that person turns to hate him?

Every ‘what if’s popped out of his head. Making the chip inside his head thrown into chaos. It seems there was a bug that caused an error inside his head. His thought can’t be processed normally.

Frustrated, E-kun decided to pull out those gears and cables inside his body. Destroying his half-machine body and brain in the process. Once again feeling the humanly heartbeat, tears, and sights.

Why should he promised when it won’t turn out as he please?

Should they wait until they grown up? E-kun doesn’t have that much time.

Maybe this is for his own good. Breathing in the air of remorse for the last time.

The heartbeat monitor shows a straight line.


Wrote this for my Indonesian language practice exam. I thought it would be nice to put it here? ; w ;


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